Significance (Short Film)

Dir. Jack & Alex

Short Film 2016. 


London Short Film Festival 2017
Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2016
Portsmouth International Film Festival (nominated Brest British Film) 2016
Winchester Film Festival 2016
London Independant Film Festival 2016
London Lift-off Festival Online 2016

An amateur astronomer makes an incredible discovery one evening that forces him to consider his place in the universe.

Directed by Jack Pirie & Alex Hylands-White
Written by Jack Pirie
Produced by Beki Henderson
Miles: Joel Gillman
Andrew: Adrian Schiller,
Christina: Alexa Brown


Amateur astronomer Miles Roberts, working late at a remote observatory, is thrilled to finally discover what he’s been searching for. But when the arrival of an unannounced guest uncovers the dark reality of what he has found and its irreversible consequences, soon Miles is forced to confront what it is he set out to discover